Simple Solutions to Complex Needs

At Makgroup the focus of our operation is in providing solutions to our customers’ business needs and transforming lives through the intergration of ICT with economic and social sectors.

We are best at integrating systems and technologies to provide simple solutions to complex needs. Our innovative and compelling solutions have positioned us the proficient ICT innovation and transformation company in Tanzania and in the region.

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What You Will Always Enjoy


Skilled multidisciplinary team with more than 10 experts who focus on specific technologies/products and have broad and deep coverage in more than 15 industries.

Save Time

Streamline you R&D and technology intelligence efforts. Why spend countless hours analyzing information when our group of experts can do it for you in a fast and efficient way.

Personal Attention

Our team members will be available (phone, chat, email) to answer all of your questions. Have any special requirements? Don´t worry, let our experts work with you to structure a study that will deliver results.

Our Case Studies

How we ensures efficiency, reliability, flexibility and high performance

  • Social Application

    Social App is the state of art trend that has transformed our world to a global village, thus linking businesses and people in just a click of a button.

    Makgroup sees the opportunity and is creating a friendly user social network where people of all levels can be linked to develop their desired spheres of life like social, Political, academics and business.

  • Parking System

    Missing a car parking place has became a common embarrassment in big cities like Dar es Salaam and the few available places lacks management. Private car owners waste a lot of time finding areas for parking, thus wasting a lot of working time and hence money.

    A car owner wastes the average of 1 hour per day and at least 240 hours a year, hence wasting income in production. We bring to our partners and customers a very smart parking management system that saves time with the capability of recognizing plate number automatically and reduce human intervetion at large extent

  • Cattle Management

    The cases of fatalities as a result of conflicts between pastoralists and farmers have awaken concerns for the government, institutions and individuials to seek solutions to bring peace and unifying the country.

    Conflicts of land between pastoralism and farmers like that of Rufiji, Kilombero/Ulanga, Kilosa and Ngorongoro/Longido and some others draws attention, and Makgroup as a partriotic ICT company sees the opportunity to bring these disputes to an historic end.

    Our solutions basically manage the cattle’s movements in what is called tags and Geo-fence system, this help in solving big issues like Land fight that happen because of integration and wondering cattle’s.

  • Revenue Collection & Management System

    The system sorts issues like collecting revenue by monitoring the tax payers from variety of businesses and property ownership. Our system makes the revenue collection reliable and very effective making it superior in the region.

    It comprises distinguishable features such as automatic billing, reduction of human intervetion at huge extent, monitoring of associated devices like POS Eectronic devices, different levels of authorization for both managers and clients